Tell who did you PAY to include Akonadi?

John Woodhouse a_johnlonger at
Sun Apr 1 00:08:46 BST 2012

I personally don't think there is much wrong with it other than it's clearly crap software that needs writing by some one who knows what they are doing when low level functionality and speed is needed and the rest of the machine needs to carry on functioning. It smacks of c++ high level app programmers.

The whole area stinks. I was utterly gob smacked when I found out what was being stored away and since I have disabled  that general problem my machines still goes away at times and the drives clunk away for at least 5 secs. At it's shortest when that happens I type ahead by 3 to 4 characters - that makes me wonder what the hell is going on. Just how can something interfere with the keyboard to screen timing and hope people wont notice. It's worse than the response i would expect from an acoustic modem plus teletype and mediocre junk on the other end.

What do I have running. kmail sometimes, maybe a couple of minimised okulars and opera with anything up to 20 tabs and maybe one or two other opera windows. I use opera because it's a reasonable replacement for konq. It has similar capabilities tab wise. They have also usefully replaced a toolbar with a drop down. I should add not running kmails makes no real difference.

:-) well lol I am still on the same open suse I mentioned last time. Why. well I have rolled back changes to kernal functions that allow me to access a nas - totally crippled for no really good reason rather than being killed at the users request when they need it. The alternative is to sit there and wait for kde or what ever to get a server up and running - why I don't know cause I very definitely don't need it. Not that it works very well when it's running either because of more crippling elsewhere. If I can't click launch a pdf or a video from a nas or save to it I ain't interested in it.

And no upgrade above all because it works. Use the kde facility at your peril - the distro one aint that safe either.

I'm only using it all because I like what's left of kde. The screen effects are attractive as well. I even find them useful. Oh and I have to reboot  occasionally but fortunately not very often. The machine going awol is so extreme by the way that the graphics effects get turned off occasionally. I have also had little messages pop in the past stating that things are getting a little busy down there. Not sure where maybe it's in Australia . I suspect that may have been removed at some point but wonder about the overhead involved in monitoring it.

Additionally of late I have to refresh a browser window after clicking on a pdf usually as result of a google search. If I don't a subsequent click on a pdf does absolutely nothing. I don't think this is down to opera.  And the other problems most definitely aren't.

Best wishes


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>There is Linus Torwalds. And there is me. I was born at the same holiday as him.
>And I will be talking as he.
>Who did you PAY to include AKONADI? Who was this *** MORON who decided that people need it?
>Tell us all the users of KDE How much money did you get to say this *** shit about it it useful.
>Please tell us the truth if not you are anyway MORONS.
>From RUSSIA with love
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