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Bogus Zaba bogsub at bogzab.plus.com
Wed Oct 26 11:38:10 BST 2011

Slackware 13.37, KDE4.5.5.

Is there another location (other than the .kde folder) where kde config 
files are kept?

My standard way of recovering from "kde won't start" has failed me since 
this is based on restoring a previously good .kde folder in place of the 
existing one that is causing problems. Now I have a failure of startup 
of KDE (but other users and other window managers for the same user 
start up fine).

Symptoms are: Spalsh screen shows, but no progress with the icons which 
should slowly appear. Dumped back to console where I see:
startkde: Starting up...
Connecting to deprecated signal 
kded(3521): Communication problem with "kded" , it probably crashed.
Error message was  "org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown" : "The 
name org.kde.kded was not provided by any .service files" "

This all started when KDE crashed when I foolishly tried to add a 
"Launcelot" application launcher widget to my desktop. I already had a 
"Quicklauncher" widget, but on trying to configure the new widget, 
screen went black and I had to ctrl-alt-BS to close X and get back to a 

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