Using Kopete remotely (in Windows)

Alex Schuster wonko at
Thu Oct 6 14:50:19 BST 2011

Hi there!

I am away from my KDE desktop PC, using my old Windows XP notebook. I am
still working on the PC, using NX to speed up X. This works very well
for stuff like xterm and NEdit windows. Qt-Creator is very slow, and has
killed the whole NX session for two times. But I do not use it often.
I also have Kontact running - this is somewhat slow, but I like to keep
track on what is going on in my Akregator feeds.

Now I would also like to run Kopete, because I do not have OTR enabled
in the jabber client (Psi) I run on Windows. It runs, but I see no
window - probably because I do not have KDE's system tray. Is there any
possibility to make it show up, like the --show option for
kwalletmanager? I also tried to start a VNC sever running twm or
openbox. Well, I guess could start my whole KDE session, but maybe there
is some simpler solution?

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