Disable notification in a given activity?

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Wed Nov 30 02:39:13 GMT 2011

Kishore posted on Wed, 30 Nov 2011 00:07:18 +0530 as excerpted:

> I was hoping to have a plasma activity setup for presentations in which
> notifications are disabled. However, I learn that one cannot have
> separate panels per activity and as a consequence, when i disable
> notifications, they are disabled across all activities.
> So... as the subject asks, how do i disable notifications only in a
> given activity?

I'm not sure of a working current solution to your question, but I can 
point out that integrating panels into activities is definitely part of 
the plan.  I've you've played at all with activities over the twice-
yearly kde4 feature version bumps (4.x -> 4.x+), you'll note that in each 
feature version they've changed and evolved.

Last I played with them much was in 4.6, tho, as I decided they really 
weren't something I'd use that much, and I'm now running 4.7.80 (aka 4.8 
beta1, all new 4.8 features should be included but many will be only 
partially functional and most can be expected to be quite buggy, at this 
stage), so I'm not really up with current developments.  I should 
probably backup my config just in case, and play with activities again, 
to see what's new if nothing else.  Perhaps panels integrate with 
activities now, as I remember Aaron's blogging on the subject had it 
penciled in for 4.8 or so, and I'm now running 4.8-beta1.

(FWIW, I've not noticed much different with the beta, yet.  But I have 
all the semantic-desktop stuff hard-disabled at build-time (gentoo
USE=-semantic-desktop, plus a few other USE flags toggled off) and keep 
well clear of the now thoroughly akonadi-entangled kdepim, which isn't 
installed at all, so I'd not notice major changes there, and as I said, I 
don't do activities, with only one configured, so I wouldn't have noticed 
changes there.  But I've not noticed any other changes either, except 
possibly minor tweaks to the window rules configuration GUI, with the 
major changes happening there for 4.7.)

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