Kmail2/Akonadi issue on FreeBSD.

gene heskett gheskett at
Tue Nov 29 21:38:02 GMT 2011

On Tuesday, November 29, 2011 04:18:22 PM Tami King did opine:

> On 11/29/11 14:11, J wrote:
> > gene heskett
> > 
> >> On Tuesday, November 29, 2011 02:43:56 PM J did opine:
> >> 
> >> Claws apparently does only mailfile operations, whereas I have 3/4ths
> >> of the kmail "cur" subdirs as maildirs.
> >> 
> >> I was thinking that I could maybe do a "cpa cur/* /var/mail/gene" and
> >> then have claws read it just as if it was incoming mail.
> >> 
> >> Would that, or a similar idea work?
> > 
> > To convert a Maildir you either need to convert the mail files into
> > mbox format (I don't recommend this, the scripts I tried were almost
> > as bad as kMail2) or put in a temporary install of an IMAP server and
> > rename Folder to .Folder within the Maildir to get the imap server to
> > see them.
> You can convert Maildir to mbox using mutt.  I have been doing that as
> needed since moving from Kmail.
> mutt -f CMC/ -e 'set mbox_type=mbox; set confirmcreate=no; set
> delete=no; push "T.*<enter>;sarchive<enter><quit>"'
> That reads messages in the Maildir directory CMC and saves them to an
> mbox file called archive.  You can then move archive to where ever it
> needs to be for your new email client.
> Tami

So the CMC/ string is a dir currently cd'd to the parent of, and it 
generates the archive file in mbox format in this 'parent' aka $pwd 

Neat, and 30 megs of mutt is being installed now.  Time to test. I don't 
fully understand how some of the quoted stuff works, but here goes, I am  
cd'd into the ~/Mail/alsa-user directory, giving it the argument "cur/" in 
place of the CMC/.

2 errors as follows:
gene at coyote alsa-user]$ mutt -f cur/ -e 'set mbox_type=mbox; set 
confirmcreate=no;set delete=no;push "T.*<enter>;sarchive<enter><quit>"'
cur/ is not a mailbox.

So I cd into cur, where an ls shows several hundred files, and get a "cur/" 
no such directory error.  Also for ./cur/, and ./cur/* actually opens mutt 
to compose a message.  Not exactly what I wanted. :)

Call me confused, or an oldtimer (which I am at 77), but did I do it wrong?  
Running as the user me obviously.

Obviously Tami I don't have the complete idea grokked.

Cheers, Gene
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