Kmail2/Akonadi issue on FreeBSD.

Martin (KDE) kde at
Tue Nov 29 13:24:09 GMT 2011

Am 29.11.2011 14:05, schrieb Jerry:
> On Tue, 29 Nov 2011 07:44:18 +0100
> Martin (KDE) articulated:
>> Btw: I once tried claws-mail as well, but this program did not fit my
>> needs. I currently use SOGo as groupware server besides my cyrus imap
>> server and afaik only thunderbird and kmail2 are able to handle
>> CalDAV/CardDAV correctly (on Linux). I no longer want to handle
>> addresses and appointments in different programs separately.
> Interesting. I use Claws-Mail myself and am quite happy with it
> although, like I guess about any other program you can name, there is
> definitely room for improvement.
> Out of morbid curiosity, did you ever try to contact the CM developers
> directly and voice your concerns? I have done so in the past with some
> limited success. I don't expect them to jump just because I ask them
> to; however, they did address a few concerns that I had.
> Perhaps contacting them yourself or posting a suggestion or feature
> desired request on their bugzilla or mail forum might prove useful.

I thought about that, yes. But as I use thunderbird (on different
windows systems and linux) and kmail (up to last weekend version 1,
since last weekend version 2 on linux only) I did not want to use
another one.

About two (or may be even three) years ago I had some issues with kmail.
That was the reason for me testing claws. As the kmail problems were
solved a month later there was no need for claws any more.

Since about tree days I use kmail2 and had no problems until then. But I
did not went the migration way. I completely removed all kmail
configurations and started from the beginning. As I don't use filters in
kmail nor any other special settings reconfiguration took about one hour
(configuring imap server, creating four identities, setting some
exirations and mailing list config to mail folders ...). I removed the
nepomuk database as well.

Searching in mails is currently limited, but as I rarely use global
search this is not a big problem.


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