file indexing under KDE 4.7.3

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Wed Nov 23 08:45:02 GMT 2011

On Wed, 23 Nov 2011 00:16:09 +0530, Thomas Olsen <thomas at>

> On Tuesday 22 November 2011 17:21 phanisvara das wrote:
>> On Tue, 22 Nov 2011 15:27:13 +0530, Thomas Olsen <thomas at>
>> wrote:
>> >> > it has stopped re-indexing my music collection all the time.
>> >> > Unfortunately it has also stopped working from krunner, so it's
>> >> > not
>> >> > really
>> >> > that useful...
>> >>
>> >> strange, for me krunner still shows nepomuk search results. you  
>> didn't
>> >> disable the krunner plugin, did you?
>> >
>> > Nope. It's enabled. Don't know if I have to recreate the database
>> > somehow.
>> i did just that recently, deleted my whole nepomuk repository. i shifted
>> files around across partitions for backup purposes, ending up with a
>> different set of them in the actual ~/ directory. nepomuk kept the old
>> index but started adding the "new" files on top, so i thought it better  
>> to
>> start over with a new index.
>> do you get useful results when searching via dolphin? if yes, i don't  
>> see
>> why the same results shouldn't pop up in krunner -- unless that's broken
>> for some reason.
> Now that you mention it I don't get any search results from Dolphin  
> either.
>> my version of kdebase4-workspace, from openSUSE K:D:F repo, is  
>> 4.7.3-694.1
>> , us your's the same?
> 4:4.7.3a-0ubuntu0.1~ppa1 0
> oneiric/main amd64  
> Packages

i've never really used ubuntu and am not familiar with their way of
packaging. but looking into the repo you mentioned above, it seems ubuntu
are back-porting KDEPIM, nepomuk & soprano from earlier releases; i'm
using much later versions of nepomuk / soprano related libraries.

i do remember that the whole nepomuk/strigi thing began to work for me,
i.e., come up with useable search results and not hog CPU in an
unacceptable way, with this latest upgrade to 4.7.3. your distro isn't
using these latest libraries yet, as far as i can see, which is probably
the reason it doesn't work as expected.

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