Looking for Font Settings

Richard Wilson richard.wilson3 at hp.com
Tue Nov 22 17:37:58 GMT 2011


I am running Fedora 15 with KDE 4.6.5-1 set up with multiple desktops. 
I have gone into the pager settings and told it to display the desktop 
names, but it doesn't display it.

I had this working a while back (under KDE 4.3 iirc) and found that I 
had to change the font used by the pager to get it to display the names 
(or numbers) for the desktops.  I have looked for the font settings 
under this new version of KDE but been unable to find them.

Does anyone know how to change these font settings under this KDE 
version (4.6.5-1)?  It might be an idea to change the default font to 
something smaller -- whatever the default is has never worked with any 
version of Fedora since KDE 4 has been out.  I think I had to use a 7 
point font to get it to work under 4.3...

Thanks in advance,

Richard Wilson
rich dot wilson at hp dot com
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