file indexing under KDE 4.7.3

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Tue Nov 22 15:52:06 GMT 2011

Thomas Olsen posted on Tue, 22 Nov 2011 09:50:03 +0100 as excerpted:

> On Tuesday 22 November 2011 14:12 phanisvara das wrote:
>> i noticed since KDE 4.7.3 that file indexing, after the initial index
>> of all files specified in strigi configuration has finished, remains
>> suspended on each log in. un-suspending seems to cause all files to be
>> re-indexed.
>> i'm wondering if changes to the indexed files, or addition of new ones
>> into the indexed folders, will get picked up by some nepomuk daemon
>> while indexing remains suspended, or if i'm supposed to un-suspend it
>> now & then to keep the index up-to-date?
> Here - also on 4.7.3 - it wakes up from idle and indexes new/changed
> files. And it has stopped re-indexing my music collection all the time.
> Unfortunately it has also stopped working from krunner, so it's not
> really that useful...

FWIW, I rebuilt all of kde (well, the packages with the option) without 
semantic-desktop at all, here on gentoo, shortly after 4.7.0 came out, 
when I removed all kdepim components and akonadi, and thus could do so.  
So all that stuff's not only diabled so it doesn't run, it's build-time 
disabled and thus not installed at all, on my system! =:^)

However, based on the changelogs for 4.7 and the continued improvements 
in 4.7.3, I believe once it's done indexing (or checking that its index 
is still current after the initial indexing), it now turns on fanotify or 
whatever similar kernel-level filesystem monitoring, and thus knows when 
a file changes so it can reindex it.

... Assuming the required kernel config option is enabled in the kernel 
you're running, of course.

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