file indexing under KDE 4.7.3

phanisvara das listmail at
Tue Nov 22 11:51:47 GMT 2011

On Tue, 22 Nov 2011 15:27:13 +0530, Thomas Olsen <thomas at>  

>> > it has stopped re-indexing my music collection all the time.
>> > Unfortunately it has also stopped working from krunner, so it's not
>> > really
>> > that useful...
>> strange, for me krunner still shows nepomuk search results. you didn't
>> disable the krunner plugin, did you?
> Nope. It's enabled. Don't know if I have to recreate the database  
> somehow.

i did just that recently, deleted my whole nepomuk repository. i shifted  
files around across partitions for backup purposes, ending up with a  
different set of them in the actual ~/ directory. nepomuk kept the old  
index but started adding the "new" files on top, so i thought it better to  
start over with a new index.

do you get useful results when searching via dolphin? if yes, i don't see  
why the same results shouldn't pop up in krunner -- unless that's broken  
for some reason.

my version of kdebase4-workspace, from openSUSE K:D:F repo, is 4.7.3-694.1  
, us your's the same?

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