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gene heskett posted on Mon, 21 Nov 2011 19:40:23 -0500 as excerpted:

> But the kde there is 4.3.5, not the best by a stretch.
> Back in the kde-3 days there was a konstruct utility that worked fairly
> well, and I used that several times on a fedora box
> Is there such a beast that would build and install 4.6.5 on a 64 bit
> centos-6 box?

There's a couple scripted build methods available.  Note that I use 
Gentoo so haven't used these, and that kde has only recently switched 
mostly to git, so to some extent these scripts may be in transition as 
well, but here's the links:

General page (see that disclaimer):

In particular (an anchor further down the same page):

There's quite a bit more linked from there or available by simply 
wandering around techbase in general.

Meanwhile, some months ago I was helping someone try to build and 
install, maybe it was 4.5.x at that point (only kdelibs, but once kdelibs 
installs, the rest is far easier, since kdelibs sets the base for 
everything else and has similar dependencies), on a CentOS, I believe it 
was 5.x, so even older.  He was running into quite a few version-too-low 
issues on dependencies and was building them from scratch as well.  
However, he made quite some progress over several days, conquering one 
problem at a time, and I believe ultimately must have gotten it 
installed, as he seemed pretty close by the last.  He'd ask questions 
about what was required, listing what he had, and I'd look up the Gentoo 
dependencies to see what the minimum they required for their building 
was.  Together, with help from others at times as well, we surmounted a 
number of obstacles, with him either building the required versions, or 
for at least one, passing an configure option so it didn't build the 
component that would have required that dependency.

However, as an alternative, you may find either the binary rpms or the 
srpms as available on sites like will work better for you, 
with the srpms at least helping navigate the dependency issues if you end 
up using them to build from sources.  Years ago when I was back on 
Mandrake, I used rpmfind a *LOT*, often installing various rpms from 
rawhide, etc, on Mandrake, since rawhide was the only thing with rpms of 
the quite new versions I wanted, available.

Good luck whichever way you go.  You may need it. =:^\  (Actually, not so 
much luck, as quite some patience and persistence, tackling and 
overcoming one problem at a time.)  OTOH, as I said, I've not used those 
scripts.  Perhaps they're actually better than I'm thinking, and it'll be 
set it up and come back a half day to perhaps 3 days later, depending on 
the speed of your system and how many dependencies you need to build as 
well, to have it all built and installed. =:^)

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