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gene heskett posted on Fri, 18 Nov 2011 05:10:52 -0500 as excerpted:

> On Friday, November 18, 2011 05:04:52 AM Duncan did opine:
>> gene heskett posted on Thu, 17 Nov 2011 21:05:08 -0500 as excerpted:
>> > Specifically, how hard is it to install sth in the kde-4.6.5 range
>> > onto Centos-6, 64 bit?
>> I'm not a CentOS authority, but one of the big differences you're
>> looking at is hal.  With kde 4.5 and previous, kde used hal.  With
>> 4.6+, it uses udev/upower/udisks instead.

>> Actually, 4.6 had some unfortunate regressions early on, tho by 4.6.5
>> they were generally fixed and/or had workarounds

> 4.6.5 seems to be running well here.


> Is there still a konstruct utility
> that was used back around kde-3 to download, build and install it?

I have no clue on that.  Gentoo has its own build-scripts, which have 
worked quite well since they got all the early kde4 bugs worked out (by 
4.3 or so).  They allow a much finer package-splitting than the make from 
bare source tarballs do.  In fact, that was the biggest problem with 
early kde4, gentoo-side, getting all the splits and interdependencies 
worked out, but it works well now, and allows one to pick and choose at a 
much finer level what's built and installed, with dependency resolution 
even, than simply doing make from the bare tarballs.

There's even gentoo/kde package scripts available for live-trunk and live-
current branch (would be the to-be 4.8, and 4.7 branch, currently), tho 
of course on live-trunk, they get temporarily out of sync sometimes as 
stuff moves around, until the script is updated to point to the new 
location. =:^)

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