Problem setting up a filter in KMail

Hans Muecke kde at
Wed Nov 16 20:51:06 GMT 2011


System is Kubuntu 10.04.3 LTS / KDE 4.4.5

I have set up a cron job using wget that downloads a gif file every 5 minutes . 
If the file is successfully downloaded the mail in the local mailbox contains 
the word "saved" in the message body.

The filter I want to set up should do the following:

If the subject is [cron job] and message contains "saved" move it into 
[folder] and mark is "read", if message doesn't contain "saved" move it into 
[folder] and don't mark it "read".
However ... I seem to be unable to get this to work.

To get it done I have set up 2 filters ...

If subject is [cron job] AND message contains "saved" move message to [folder] 
and mark it "read".

If subject is [cron job] AND message doesn't contain "saved" move message to 

However ... the first filter doesn't work, if "saved" is present, the message 
doesn't get marked as "read". 

What am I missing here?

Talk to you later ... Hans (296 to go)
2011/11/16 20:20
EDDS 162020Z 11001KT CAVOK M01/M03 Q1021 NOSIG
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