screen selection in kgamma / Monitor Gamma

Klaus Klein k.klein at
Fri Nov 11 13:58:58 GMT 2011

Hi folks,

  I'm currently using Debian Squeeze with KDE 4.4.5 in parallel to a WinXP environment in a dual boot configuration on my Dell C640 Laptop.

Furthermore I'm trying to set up a Dual-Head configuration with an external Monitor.

While everything seems to work fine in the WinXP setup, in the Debian setup the screen is displayed way to bright on the external Monitor.

As I don't want to change the settings on the monitor every time I switch the OS, I was looking to 'correct' the settings within KDE.

After searching through ->system settings->display for a while, and not being able to find brightness, contrast or gamma settings, I realized that kgamma was not installed by default. :-(

Now, with kgamma installed, I still can change every setting provided by krandrtray and the screens are still identified correctly.

Nevertheless, as the combo box discribed in the Monitor Gamma documentation on ("On multi head systems, select the screen you want to alter with the combo box.") is grayed out, kgamma will not allow me to select the second screen

Am I still missing something or is this a bug (feature) ?

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