No sound in Kubuntu 11.04

Marcelo Magno T. Sales mmtsales at
Thu May 26 01:14:00 BST 2011

Hi, Duncan

Em domingo 22 maio 2011, Duncan escreveu:
> Marcelo Magno T. Sales posted on Sun, 22 May 2011 13:42:25 -0300 as
> excerpted:
> > Every time I boot my VAIO VPCF111FB, the sound starts working ok in
> > KDE. After some time it is running (sometimes hours, sometimes
> > days), audio stops working in KDE. KDE notifications don't produce
> > any sound and KDE applications do not either.
> > 
> > Also, when I go to SystemSettings -> Multimedia after the sound
> > stops working, I get a messaging informing that KDE has detected
> > that one or more internal sound devices were removed (?!)
> "Disappearing" sound devices is a somewhat common problem with the
> phonon- xine backend. I had it here, and I've seen others posting
> similar issues.
> Check the phonon settings in kcontrol (systemsettings, it's not
> systemsettings for the most part but user-specific kde settings, so I
> continue to use the more accurate kde3 term), and if it's set to the
> phonon-xine backend, try a different one, perhaps phonon-vlc (which
> you might have to install, first).
> Switching to the phonon-vlc backend here completely solved my
> problem, and at least one other person reported that it did for them
> too, after I recommended that they try it.  (OTOH, it didn't seem to
> help for someone else.  Maybe they had other problems too.)
> FWIW, for some months (I'm not doing so currently as it took too much
> time) I was following the kde-planet sindicated feed, and during that
> time, probably about a year ago, one of the phonon authors posted an
> article to his blog saying that while phonon-xine was the earliest
> stable backend and thus has been the default on many distributions,
> xine turned out not to be as flexible as they needed, so that
> backend was deprecated and not getting a lot of new work done to it.
>  He recommended the vlc backend as the one then taking the lead.
> FWIW, there's also phonon-gstreamer, which might be most compatible
> with a gnome-based distro, and may be some others as well.  But the
> xine backend seems to be the most common, despite its issues,
> probably because it was the first usably stable backend, and the vlc
> backend is the one that blog recommended people switch to in the
> future, and the one that cured the "disappearing device" issues the
> xine backend was giving me.

Thanks for your reply. I have the phonon-gstreamer backend installed, 
but will try phonon-vlc as you have suggested. After a few days I'll 
post the results (got to give some time to be sure sound will not fail 
again, sometimes it lasts for a few days before failing).


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