How to set up the screen saver to activate when the mouse is at a corner?

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Sun May 15 22:43:56 BST 2011

Marcelo Magno T. Sales posted on Sun, 15 May 2011 15:09:24 -0300 as

> I noticed that, in System Settings, there is an applet named "Workspace
> behavior" (or something like that, I'm translating from brazilian
> portuguese), which has a "Screen corners" tab. There I can configure
> some actions to be started when the mouse is placed at a chosen corner,
> but activating the screen saver is not on the list of possible actions.
> Is there a way in KDE 4.6.x to set up the screen saver to be activated
> when the mouse is placed at one of the screen corners?

I don't use screen-savers here, but it may be that the "lock screen" 
option (on the screen corners tab) is what you're looking for.

Since I don't have any screensavers installed, lock screen switches to a 
new plasma activity that covers the old screen.  This activity apparently 
comes with the analog clock plasmoid configured by default, but you can 
add additional plasmoids, etc.

However, while I get that screen, I also get a dialog saying the screen 
won't be locked as it couldn't be unlocked, no greeter app configured.  
>From what I've read this is because I don't have a *DM installed either -- 
I don't (normally) need one as I always login at the CLI and if I want to 
run X/kde, I run a script that sets up a few variables and runs startx, 
which ultimately starts kde.  But apparently the same user/password or 
whatever greeter that would appear in the *DM is used for the unlock 
screen as well, and since I don't have one installed, I get the dialog 
instead.  The dialog has an OK button.  When I push it, I return to the 
normal workspace.

Instead of the screensavers, my system simply shuts down the graphics 
output after X minutes.  With no input from the graphics card, the 
monitors briefly show a warning saying they're not getting input, and then 
themselves suspend, shutting off their backlites, etc.  (This is the bit 
Gene H seems to have problems with in the sibling subthread.  FWIW it has 
worked for years here and continues to do so, so it wouldn't appear to be 
a kde issue.)

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