How to set up the screen saver to activate when the mouse is at a corner?

gene heskett gheskett at
Sun May 15 19:42:42 BST 2011

On Sunday, May 15, 2011 02:20:50 PM Marcelo Magno T. Sales did opine:

> Hello,
> There was an option in the screen saver configuration screen to activate
> the screen saver when the mouse was moved to a corner of the screen.
> When I updated from KDE 4.5.x to 4.6.x (Kubuntu), the screen saver
> stopped been activated when I place the mouse on the corner I had
> selected for that. This was working ok in 4.5.x.
> I see that the option to set this up does not exist in the screen saver
> configuration screen anymore.
> I noticed that, in System Settings, there is an applet named "Workspace
> behavior" (or something like that, I'm translating from brazilian
> portuguese), which has a "Screen corners" tab. There I can configure
> some actions to be started when the mouse is placed at a chosen corner,
> but activating the screen saver is not on the list of possible actions.
> Is there a way in KDE 4.6.x to set up the screen saver to be activated
> when the mouse is placed at one of the screen corners?
> Thanks,
> Marcelo

Marcelo, I have no clue, and despite asking here and there, no has told me 
yet why x/kde turns off the DPMS & such when it starts, leaving you only 
with the power wasting screen decorators.  So while this box runs 24/7, 
when I get up to go carve a stick of wood, it may be hours before I come 
back and I seen no earthly reason that the monitors backlight needs to have 
those hours or watts wasted to run it during those extended times when I am 
not around.  I made me a ~/bin directory years ago to hold the stuff that I 
need as the lone user of this machine, and there are all sorts of things in 
there, some of which have largely been rendered moot by the making of ntpd 
in recent history so that it Just Works(TM).

Anyway (and a copy is attached if the server passes it)
xset +dpms
sleep 1
xset dpms 0 0 450
That's it, 4 lines.  Adjust the last value which is the DPMS powerdown time 
in seconds, to suit you, put it in your ~/bin (export PATH=~/bin:$PATH) and 
give it execute perms.  If KDE had an init.d, which I haven't found, I 
would see if I could set it up to be the last thing that the kde/x startup 
does.  As it is, I am reminded to run it from a konsole the first time I 
come back in the room & find I am looking at the analog clock I use for a 
blanker. :(

I have no clue where in the startup DPMS gets shut off, according to my 
Xorg.0.log, it is still enabled at the end of the x startup logging, but it 
will not work, and never has since kde4 came out, until I either run this 
script or do the 2 important 'xset' lines by hand from a konsole.

Cheers, Gene
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