KRunner web shortcuts with other browsers than Konqueror

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Wed May 11 17:14:07 BST 2011

Kevin Krammer posted on Wed, 11 May 2011 17:39:00 +0200 as excerpted:

> On Wednesday, 2011-05-11, Álvaro Villalba Navarro wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> Web shortcuts is one of the functions of krunner I use most, and rekonq
>> the browser I would like to use as default and which I would like
>> krunners web shortucts to be opened by.
>> Configuring KDE to use rekonq as default browser (for any http/https
>> content) works fine, but I like the behaviour of "an application based
>> on the URL content" configuration. So, I configured KDE to open
>> 'application/xhtml+xml' files with rekonq, but nor shortcuts neither
>> bookmarks opens with rekonq, but with konqueror. Do any of you know if
>> there is any other mime-type that must be bound with rekonq (or any
>> other browser)?
> Check the settings for Web browser in Systemsettings -> Standard
> Components

FWIW, kcontrol (systemsettings that aren't systemsettings, certainly in 
this case), workspace appearance and behavior, default applications, here 
(kde 4.6).

But it looks to me like he has tried that, or he'd not know about the "in 
an application based on the contents of the URL" setting, that he says he 
likes in general.  Maybe the presumably 4.7-pre trunk you are using 
changes the names and/or how it behaves, from 4.5/4.6?

But... AFAIK (I only tried it the other day and decided konqueror was more 
my style, so I've not used it much, but the docs say...) rekonq uses 
standard kde settings for many things, including mime-types.  If that's 
true, then in theory the results should be pretty much the same regardless 
of whether it's set to use rekonq or konqueror.  (Firefox, for example, 
would be a different matter entirely, since it uses its own mimetype 
configuration.)  Embedding vs. open-in (as a separate app), and whether 
save-to-disk is prompted or not, should be the same regardless of whether 
it's konqueror or rekonq used as the general browser.

That's the theory.  But again, I only tried rekonq for a little while, and 
didn't actually set it as the default browser, so I'm not sure if it works 
that way in practice or not.

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