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Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Wed May 11 16:14:42 BST 2011

On Tuesday, 2011-05-10, Duncan wrote:

> The same message comes thru when one considers the official name change,
> from kde, to "The KDE Software Collection".  "Nobody"'s going to use that
> in normal usage, or even the shorter KDE-SC, for the same reason "nobody"
> uses GNU/Linux in normal usage -- it's too long and inconvenient to say,
> however correct it arguably may be.

The introduction of KDE SC wasn't as name change but rather a much needed 
disambiguation between producer and product.
Lots of people started to be mix the producer KDE (the people who are the KDE 
contributor community) with the products (e.g. Kontact, Desktop workspace, 

Software Compilation might not be a very good term for meaning "simulationous 
release of new versions of all products", but there was little (if at all) 
precendence in this area to go along with.
Maybe Software Bundle or Collection would have been better.

Anyway, because of this exception (i.e. no other software vendor releasing all 
its products simultaniously using an umbrella name), the phrasing at KDE has 
also been adapted to the more common approach of referring to each product (or 
product group) individually and just say they have all been released on the 
same date.

Of course old mistakes are hard to fix, i.e. in this case referring to the set 
of products by the same name as the initial product and using the initial 
product's name as the vendor name.

But hopefully continued efforts of using the more meaningful and disambiguated 
terms will lead to resolving all these misunderstandings previously caused by 
referring to several distinct entities by the same name.


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