is there a way to assign apps. to certain activities

Alex Schuster wonko at
Thu May 5 12:47:42 BST 2011

Duncan wrote:

> Meanwhile, I NOT have the different activity (widgets) per desktop option
> (found in kcontrol, workspace appearance and behavior, workspace
> behavior, virtual desktops) active (and I've no desire to test it
> either, last time I got to adventurous testing different plasma options
> I got hit with cascading bugs... an experience I'd rather not trigger
> again when I'm happy with the current already customized setup), so I'm
> not sure how it interacts with the above, but with the two concepts
> linked, it seems that again, there'd be little use for both submenus as
> sending an app to a different desktop would be the same thing as sending
> it to that desktop's activity.  If that's true, then the activities
> submenu may be hidden if that's enabled, as well, since one can simply
> use the desktops submenu to the same effect.

Again, this was changed recently, you no longer get a different activity for 
each virtual desktop when you enable the 'Different widgets for each 
desktop' checkbox. Instead, the plasmoids of an activity span over all 
desktops. I have six desktops, but still only one activity.

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