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Tue Mar 8 05:33:30 GMT 2011

gene heskett posted on Mon, 07 Mar 2011 23:52:47 -0500 as excerpted:

> Sorry, there was so much mucked up, I was overwhelmed myself.  If there
> is only one thing wrong, its a lot easier to try & fix that than when
> there are 4 or 5 things wrong, and a reboot throws 3 hours work looking
> for and trying to set stuff, away.  Frustrated would be an
> understatement.

FWIW, that's about where I was with kde 4.2.4, which is where I switched 
from kde3, as upstream kde wasn't supporting kde3 any more, insisting 4.2 
was ready for the masses, and with upstream kde dropping it, so were the 
distributions, save for trailing edge years-outdated distros.  Of course, 
4.2 was in reality not even beta quality (where beta is traditionally 
defined as functionally complete, just very buggy, but there were huge 
holes in the functionality still!)

If you go back to that period and look, I was NOT a happy camper!

Meanwhile, things /should/ be more or less calmed down by now.  But 
plasma... still bugs out for some people and under some circumstances (it 
did with me for 4.5, and I ended up hand-editing the config files to get 
it back, but learned my lesson, back them up before I go experimenting 
with more activities! very possibly the reason I've been fine so far with 
4.6, as I had hand-edited out the cruft and haven't played around with it 
much since as I've been afraid to), and phonon-xine... well, it's sort of 
deprecated and definitely buggy, but for whatever reason, it's still the 
default phonon backend in many distributions.  <shrug>

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