gene heskett gheskett at wdtv.com
Sun Mar 6 22:13:52 GMT 2011


pclos called it awesome when it was finished installing 224 packages worth 
of it early this morning.

Uncle, uncle!  Uncle!!!  I.O.W., I give up.

Where can I find a tut that tells me how to setup a task manager that 
sticks to all of the 10 workspaces I have?  Workspaces 2-10 seem to be ok, 
and are all clones. but workspace one has a mind of its own.  If I add a 
task manager on workspace 1, then its incomplete, and sitting on top of the 
task manager on all other workspaces.

And 2, I have no volume control (its wide, ear blasting, open) regardless 
of what I assign the master volume to in kmix?  The audio system (no pulse 
in pclos) also complains about missing audio devices as if something else 
has grabbed the important ones.  I does this as soon as I'm logged in, and 
long before it has applied whatever screen settings it may,  or may not 
have remembered.  I've set video stuff up 3 times so far, but all it seems 
to remember is some defaults that are far from complete.

Obviously I am not doing something right, so where is the tutorial, one 
that assumes you are starting from a blank screen except for the cashew in 
the upper right corner.  Or even without that if possible.

Thanks for any helpful URL's & other hints.

Cheers, Gene
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