How to set up Menu items such that if an instance is already running, the running instance is brought to the foreground?

phanisvara das listmail at
Sun Mar 6 20:09:26 GMT 2011

On Mon, 07 Mar 2011 01:30:51 +0530, Steven Sroka <sroka.steven at> wrote:

> Just as an aside, this is an Opera thing. Opera never likes opening
> multiple windows of itself.
> I just tried opening a new instance of Opera now, but it only opened a new tab.

that's the default behavior which can be changed at tools->preferences->advanced->tabs->additional tab options->open windows instead of tabs

or if you click <ctrl + n> in a running opera instance, a new one is created. i don't use that much, prefer my tabs in the same window, but didn't see any indication that "opera never likes" this.

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