Can KDM run multiple instances of itself?

Allistar allistar.m at
Wed Mar 2 00:07:13 GMT 2011

HB wrote:

> Hi,
> I want to upgrade my out-dated OS to a newer release, but it uses GDM
> which has been "improved" into uselessnes.  If I were to upgrade and
> replace GDM with KDM, would I be able to run multiple instances of KDM?
> I need to have multiple log-in screens (3 by default) running.  Also, is
> it possible to configure so that it loads on a specific VT?
> I want my new system to be configured the same as now, which is thus:
> VT 1-4 getty
> VT 5-7 Xorg/KDM
> VT 8-9 available
> VT 10-12 logs
> Is this possible with current version of KDM?

It can with Kde 3.5, but not with KDE4 if you're also running Plasma (which 
KDE4 does by default). Plasma cannot be run multiple times which effectively 
broke the multi-screen capability of KDE. I run a triple head setup and the 
only way to get this to work in a 3D accelerated fashion is to run a 
different VM (e16) on the 3rd display.

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