KDEPIM 4.6 prob^Wimpressions

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Wed Jun 29 09:53:11 BST 2011

On Wednesday, 2011-06-29, Duncan wrote:
> Alex Schuster posted on Tue, 28 Jun 2011 23:24:58 +0200 as excerpted:
> > I did the big KDE 4.6.3 -> 4.6.4 upgrade. Along came the change to
> > KDEPIM 4.6. I feared for the worst, and indeed, it didn't work too well.
> Your experience mirrors mine to a large extent.  AFAIK we're both on
> Gentoo.

Quite likely, I think this is the only distribution which has enabled the 
transition in its main repositories so far.

> Here, I don't use the kontact suite (nor have kontact itself installed)
> at all, only some of the separate bits.  No korganizer, tho it was a
> forced install with the update, no kalarm, no knode (I run pan instead).

Sounds like a packaging problem, none of the other applications depend on 

> The problem, it seems, was that I had kmail (1) set to use a different
> directory for its mail.  What?  After ALL this extra time, much of it
> spent, we were told, on getting the conversion right, it couldn't do a /
> simple/ thing like read the old kmail config and see where the local
> mailstore was?

Of course the migrator does exactly that. It reads the folders entry in 
section General of the KMail configuration and uses this location for local 
If the entry is not present (normal KMail setup), it will use the same default 
value KMail does, e.g. $HOME/.kde/share/apps/kmail/mail

What's the output of
kreadconfig --file kmailrc --group General --key folders

on your system?

> The second (maildir) import attempt went better, but crashed half way
> thru, apparently because some of the old mail folders were in mbox
> format. (I had tried switching to maildir some years ago, and that was
> the default, but found no way to switch the default folders as I couldn't
> delete the old mbox folders in kmail after I'd copied everything to the
> new maildir folders, so the defaults stayed as mbox, and continued to
> accumulate some mail, altho filters moved most on receipt to sorted
> maildir folders.  And, I had missed a couple non-defaults as well,
> including my family mail folder, which was still in mbox format.)
> The *$#!$& maildir importer was trying to import the mboxes, including
> the huge family mbox, as *SINGLE* *HUGE* *MULTI-GIG* mails, one for each
> mbox!!

Can you elaborate what kind of importer tool you used here?
One part of what the mail migrator tool does is to use a "KMail Folders" 
resource (mixed_maildir) to accomodate old KMail folder structures with mbox 
(this resource has also read-only support for KMail1's index files, allowing 
it to attach meta data to message objects, e.g. tags, certain status flags).

> Again, extremely rough beta quality.  DEFINITELY not the sort of
> experience a regular user should need to worry about, and DEFINITELY not
> the sort of experience one might be lead to expect knowing they spent an
> extra YEAR PLUS focusing on this stuff.

Weird thing about time is that it advances continually while time available to 
individuals for certain tasks does not.
This mistery has found its way into natural languages in form of phrases like 
"I don't have (enough) time for that" inspite time constantly making itself 
Scientists have not yet found where this time is drained to before reaching 
the expected recipient, though theories say it is dried, rolled into cigars 
and smoked by leechers elsewhere.

No, wait, that was fiction. Momo IIRC.


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