KDEPIM 4.6 prob^Wimpressions

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Wed Jun 29 09:16:57 BST 2011

Hi Alex,

On Tuesday, 2011-06-28, Alex Schuster wrote:
> Hi there!
> I did the big KDE 4.6.3 -> 4.6.4 upgrade. Along came the change to
> KDEPIM 4.6. I feared for the worst, and indeed, it didn't work too well.

Ah, sorry to hear that.
Most distributions have fortunately not put the new PIM into the normal 
repositories yet but kept it in experiemental ones for early adopters.

> On the first login after the upgrade, Akonadi stuff was migrated, and
> some errors happened. The notice boxes closed automatically before I
> could make screenshots. Something with the migration of
> 'Standard-Kalender' to native backend failed, and some more stuff I do
> not  remember.

The mail migration part should have written its output to a file as well, 
check $HOME/.kde/share/apps/kmail-migrator

> I did not find this akonadi_maildir_resource_3 in the Akonadi Console.
> So I grepped through .kde4/share/config/* , and found it as
> DefaultResourceId in the file 'specialmailcollectionsrc' only. I deleted
> the file, but it is being recreated identically when Akonadi is
> restarted. I do not know what this is and where is comes from, but I
> created a dummy Maildir resource (it was called
> akonadi_maildir_resource_5), and put that into the
> specialmailcollectionsrc file. Now KMail sort of worked. Well, I got
> other errors, but at least it no longer crashed during startup.

The special mail collections config basically holds the information which mail 
folders are to be used for default outbox, sent-mail, etc.
The initial setup is therefore usually done by the mail sending service 
(Akonadi maildispatch agent) since it is the one requiring these folders.

The migrator attempts to switch that to the folders KMail1 used to use, so my 
guess is something went wrong there.
The mail sending service should actually be able to re-create its default 
choice of folders if it detects problems, no idea why that did not kick in or 
why it did not work.

> Whatever. Easy to fix, but I do not think KMail should crash because of
> missing folders.

Very true.
In case this happens again, could you probably save the crash report?

> On the other hand, I have 'akonadi_localbookmarks_resource_0', showing
> my Konqueror bookmark folders. Is this normal? Is there any use? I only
> see the folders and the number of entries, but I do not see the entries
> itself. Can I delete this somehow, or make KMail not display them?
> Without removing the bookmarks from Konqueror.

Weird thing those should show up in KMail, the content MIME type should be 
totally different.
In any case you can remove the resource, removing a resource only removes the 
backend handler program, not the backend's storage (e.g. not removing a data 
file or directory).

Kevin Krammer, KDE developer, xdg-utils developer
KDE user support, developer mentoring
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