Mounting a CIFS network share in Dolphin

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> Ettore Atalan posted on Sat, 25 Jun 2011 12:36:13 +0200 as excerpted:
>>  I wanted to mount a CIFS network share in Dolphin, but there (right
>>  click on the window -> Create New -> Link to Device -> ?) is only 
> an
>>  option for NFS shares.
>>  I cannot mount CIFS shares via fstab, because the share is not always
>>  available and would cause timeouts on bootup or shutdown.
> I don't do network shares (of either type) here, but see the "Kaffeine 
> and playing files from off the local network" thread, original post by 
> John Woodhouse, posted back on Fri, 20 May 2011 15:50:59 -0700 (PDT).  
> (KDE should have an archive if you need it, or for sure does, 
> as I use its news server to follow the list tho it has a web version too.)
> The gist is that kde's network share support is either buggy or 
> incomplete as of 4.6, with some support but various specific problems.  
> As I said I don't do network shares here, so won't attempt more detail 
> of 
> something I don't know about.  But that thread's the closest related 
> discussion I've seen here recently.
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The last post I made was on the 7th June.

Should point out though that my kde opensuse 4.6.0 DIDN'T offer a choice of types of mount when using dolphin's connect to microsoft network drive. This works correctly with some applications such as kwrite and interestingly transfers in cif even when I arranged things to run NFS in several ways as I didn't fully enable nfs on my nas.

My final solution was to forget dolphin, samba etc and use mount-cifs which is native to the kernel and completely stand alone. Problem even here though. The current version of mount-cifs has to be compiled with an option to allow ordinary users to use it. As it stands a user needs the root password to use their nas password. I solved this by extracting mount and unmount cifs from an rpm intended for opensuse 11.2. To keep things simple I assigned the nas to a fixed ip address with my router.

End result is that the using the nas is just like using a local disk. once it's mounted. Same arrangement could be used with a cifs server.

Didn't in capitals as an upgrade seems to have removed the "connect to a microsoft network drive" however I may have forgotten just where that was.

I've bugged this aspect of mount-cifs and had a won't fix reply. I re opened it with comments because I feel it should be available and using it in this way should be down to the user not the distro. Seems some have questioned mount-cifs security. No evidence I can find but it hasn't been security scanned so has been crippled. Bit silly really.

No progress on a shell script to tidy up mounting. Too busy on other things at the moment.

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