Building kdelibs

David Doria daviddoria at
Fri Jun 17 15:06:40 BST 2011

> You probably need some policykit development packages.
> If you don't plan on using the KAuth features in your build, you can also
> just
> ignore this (its just a warning after all).

It says "warning", but after configuring multiple times it never gives me
the "generate" option in ccmake :(

> Seems you are missing one of the Perl addon packages.
> On Debian this would be libxml-parser-perl

Great. For anyone else reading the package on RHEL was called

However, now at the end of my:
./kdesrc-build --pretend

I see:

Is that just because the --pretend told it not to download/build? Nothing
appears to be out of order in the output related to qt-copy:

Building qt-copy (1/43)
    Waiting for source code update.
    Source update complete for qt-copy: 1 file affected.
    Unknown build system for qt-copy (is it supposed to be built at all?)
    Would have created /home/ddoria/kdesrc/build
    Preparing build system for qt-copy.
    Would have cleaned build system for qt-copy
    Would have created /home/ddoria/kdesrc/build/qt-copy
    Overall time for qt-copy was 0 seconds.

Should I proceed without the --pretend?


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