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Thu Jun 2 22:02:27 BST 2011

Tim Edwards wrote, On 06/02/2011 02:10 PM:

> Thanks for the script. I'm not sure what you mean exactly. The config path is:
> config = /home/tim/.kde4/share/config/:/usr/share/kde4/config/:/etc/kde4/share/config/ [/usr/share/kde4/config/]
> Does that mean KDE scans all those directories for rc-files, and then starts any that have autostart=true?


I think what you're really looking at (i could be wrong), is that the
"networkmanager" desktop autostart file
(on my Debian Squeeze machine, this is located in
has an execution conditional in it...


So, in order to autostart networkmanager, it needs to find a
configuration key named "Autostart" within the "General" group of
the networkmanagementrc configuration file that is true.

$ kreadconfig --file networkmanagementrc  --group General --key Autostart
(i don't have such a key in my config search path)

So, it must default to 'true', I suspect that you have it set FALSE

$ kde4-config --locate networkmanagementrc --path config

This is the file that is found first within the config path

To force Autostart to True, do...

kwriteconfig --file networkmanagementrc  --group General --key Autostart true

That will write it into the first path component in the "config" path (for you:

So, the *autostart* files are separate from the configuration files,
but because the networkmanager desktop autostart file is making a
demand for a config path conditional, the config stuff gets pulled into
the mix here.

>From quickly glancing at another message of yours.  Those other applications
are probably configured in the KDE4 system autostart install path, thus not
*user* managed.

My 'kde4-info' script doesn't identify that path (because kde4-config doesn't
show it either), but as you see from above it is /usr/share/autostart.

This brings up a point about *Disabling* those system installed defaults.
Theoretically, they should all have a 'X-KDE-autostart-condition' directive
so the user could create disabling overrides.  But notice they don't all:

$ grep -c X-KDE-autostart-condition /usr/share/autostart/*

So, it is presumed that you MUST run krunner and plasma-desktop on
my machine.  I wanted to replace 'plasma-desktop' with one that
started 'plasma-desktop --graphicssystem=raster'.  From what little
documentation i ran across there was a method of a user created
autostart OVERRIDE of a system autostart.  I.E. create the same
filename and disable it from running.  Then i was going to create
a 'plasma-desktop-rastergraphics.desktop' that invoked the command above,

Unfortunately, Debian Squeeze forcibly deletes any
'plasma-desktop.desktop' file in the user's autostart directory
in 'startkde' to address some other bug.  I think that solution is
itself a bug, breaking this override mechanism (as i understand it)
Oh well, there are plenty of other significant bugs in KDE4 i'm
having to deal with.
(kquitapp plasma-desktop && sleep 3 && plasma-desktop --graphicssystem=raster)
then has to become a KDE4 "Autostart" script to workaround this particular
bug :-(

Hopefully that answers your question...

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