Programmatically adding plasmoid widgets to the plasma panel?

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at
Thu Jun 2 20:33:11 BST 2011

On Thursday, 2011-06-02, Stephen Dowdy wrote:
> I have hunted around a bit, but not come up with anything i can
> run with yet, but want to populate the plasma panel with "standard"
> widgets.  Below is a shell script i use on KDE3 to allow user to
> quickly select some standard widgets to add to 'kicker' panel,
> but i'd like the equivalent for KDE4.  At least i'd like to know
> how to programmatically install a widget similar to what i'm
> doing below.
> Anyway, 'kwriteconfig' is certainly not a viable tool to manipulate
> either KDE3's kicker panel config file, nor the plasma config file
> (that one's even more horrific requiring a full parse to figure
> out indexes of multi-variant arrays, blah...)
> I ran across some cursory ECMAscript docs for plasma, and if that's
> the way to go, any example code anybody's got is welcome.
> Anyway, any pointers appreciated.

Best source for answers on this level is probably the plasma-devel 


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