Hallelujah! No more akonadi or semantic-desktop, here! Finally! =:^)

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Sun Jul 31 16:17:21 BST 2011

I finally figured out what to replace akregator with, and was thus 
finally able to unmerge (gentoo) the last of kdepim and set USE=-semantic-
desktop -raptor -redland and -virtuoso.  After a rebuild of the affected 
packages, that allowed me to remove in addition to kmail, which I had 
switched away from earlier, and a couple support packages for it...

raptor (two versions, 1.x and 2.x)

I had a rather harder time finding a decent feed reader than I did a mail 
client.  For mail, I reasonably quickly found claws-mail.  It has a feed-
reader plugin as well, but I didn't want to have the two running in the 
same claws instance (I like separate apps for the separate tasks and 
wanted somewhat different configs, as well) and claws-mail doesn't like 
to run two separate instances.

But everything else either had huge dependencies (bringing in much of 
gnome, for instance, or an entire java support structure), or was
text-based, and while I almost settled for that in the form of canto 
(ncurses and python based), I didn't really want to, and ended up finding 
a work-around.

I tried gwene.org too, feeds as news-posts (nntp), but that wasn't 
working either, as I don't want an http/xml-message-parsing news client 
for security and other reasons (I'm using pan now in part for that 
reason), and both atom and rss feeds are xml-based, and come thru that 
way on gwene.org.

I considered firefox feed extensions too -- I read that there's some 
reasonably good ones in my research -- but wasn't too enthused about that 
either, because what I really wanted was a separate feed-reader-client.

I tried sylpheed too, from which claws-mail forked, but I didn't like it 
as well.

So then I decided to try harder to get a second instance of claws-mail 
running, separate config, etc, as I rather liked its interface in 
general, and hadn't found the feed plugin experience bad either, except 
that I didn't want feeds and email combined.

I looked for a way to run separate instances in the documents.  Nothing.  
Checked the command-line options, it had an option for an alternative 
config, but that wouldn't let a second instance run at the same time.  I 
tried a symlink with a different name, and while that gave me a different 
window-class according to kwin, it still wouldn't let me run a second 
instance -- trying would simply pull up the existing running instance.  A 
differently named hardlink didn't work either.

Then it hit me!  I was already using a wrapper script to set a different 
$HOME, so it'd use a different config, but $TMPDIR was still set to the 
old value.  Sure enough, the process put a socket-file in $TMPDIR.  
Setting that to something else in the wrapper, along with setting $HOME 
to get the alternative config dir, *WORKED*!

So then I began setting up the alternate config in earnest.  I did have 
to symlink ~/.mozilla into the new $HOME as well, so when I clicked a 
link to launch firefox, it'd load my normal profile, but by this time I 
was thinking in the right terms and spotted and fixed that issue quickly.

Finally, after exporting my feeds from akregator and importing them in 
the claws-feed instance, figuring out expiration (which I hadn't needed 
for mail so didn't know how to handle in claws-mail, yet), and getting 
everything setup and working to my satisfaction, it was time to emerge
--depclean, kill USE flags, revdep-rebuild as necessary, depclean some 
more, kill a few more USE flags...  until I finally had all that heavy 
semantic-desktop bloat off my system!

What a relief! =:^)  I've been working on this (including the kmail 
replacement and unmerge the preceeded the akregator stuff) for about a 
week now, perhaps 10 days, and it's finally done and my system free of 
all that stuff slowing it down to no benefit to me! =:^)

I expect I'll like kde4 even more now, without all that dead weight 
slowing things down and causing problems! =:^)

Duncan - List replies preferred.   No HTML msgs.
"Every nonfree program has a lord, a master --
and if you use the program, he is your master."  Richard Stallman

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