KDEPIM 4.6 prob^Wimpressions

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Tue Jul 26 21:08:25 BST 2011

Alex Schuster posted on Tue, 26 Jul 2011 20:53:21 +0200 as excerpted:

> Oh, and do others here also store sensible things like my online banking
> PIN in the wallet? Or is this considered too risky? Are there possible
> security problems with this?

I store such things in kwallet, yes, for my home system.  I figure if 
someone breaks in and steals it, I'll call the bank, but other than that, 
the loss of a computer I can't afford to replace ATM would be worse than 
anything else that'd happen.

No the netbook, I deliberately do not keep any data that I'd be 
uncomfortable having it go public (well, except my the Linux user account 
passwords themselves).  That way, if it's lost, /all/ I have to worry 
about is the physical property loss.  If I did choose to keep such stuff 
on the netbook, I'd probably keep it in an encrypted fs of some sort, but 
at this point it's simpler not to put anything like that on it.

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