KDEPIM 4.6 prob^Wimpressions

Alex Schuster wonko at wonkology.org
Tue Jul 26 01:37:38 BST 2011

I wrote:

> I wrote:
> > Removing .kde4 now. Let's see what happens.
[Still many, many problems]
> Enough for now, there are other things to do. So, I spent quite some time,
> but KDE stuff still crashes a lot, and some things don't work. So maybe
> Duncan's second theory is right, about me being one serious unlucky guy.
> Still, I'm no too disappointed, I learned some stuff, and at least much
> cruft is gone. And login is much faster now. So there _are_ some
> benefits.

As the subject still is about my KDEPIM 4.6, um, impressions, I'd like to 
add that KMail is indeed running much better now. I still have the problem 
that I cannot import my local mails I had in the old KMail, I see the folder 
structure only, being empty. I can access the mails with mutt, so there 
shouldn't be a problem. I did not yet investigate this further.

But apart from that, KMail is running very stable. It did not once show 
unread mails that were not there, nor did I get those notifications (Saving 
failed, server replied: A015537 BAD Invalid system flag \RECENT) any more. 
Maybe because I am using disconnected IMAP again?

I swear that's all I wanted to say for the moment, to tell you that there 
are some things that actually work fine :) But right then, I started having 
problems again. First I noted that things became very slow. Changing mail 
folders, starting applications, all this stuff. There was no process with 
high CPU usage, so I have no idea what's responsible. I decided to log out, 
but before that I wanted to save my session because I had made some changes. 
The K menu opened, but that was all, I could not change to the 
logout/shutdown category. Plasma was frozen. Still, no high CPU usage. I 
used a dbus command I googled to save the session manually, then logged out 
with Ctrl-Alt-Del.

Next login, the session was okay, except for Amarok which was not started, 
and a Konsole window. I wanted to start it with KRunner, but Alt-F2 does 
nothing. And the K menu in the panel blurs the space where it should appear, 
but that's it. Plasma hangs. Ctrl-Esc does not start the top-like process 
viewer. I still can start KSnapshot with the PrtScreen key, but the save 
image dialog stays empty. Load is > 8, CPU usage is around 10% only. I 
killed and restarted plasma-desktop, which made my first desktop appear on 
the 2nd one, all other desktops were left black without plasma.

Next login, and the same happens: The K menu opens this time, but is not 
usable, and plasma hangs. I will now restore the backup I just made before I 
started writing this mail, I hope the configs had not already been corrupted 

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