Enabling key clicks

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Mon Jul 25 22:16:47 BST 2011

Dotan Cohen posted on Mon, 25 Jul 2011 23:04:38 +0300 as excerpted:

> No, way too much latency!
> #!/bin/bash while [ 0 ]; do read -p ""
>         mplayer tick.wav
> done
> I wonder if it is due to PulseAudio, Mplayer, or what else. I'm not
> about to install jack for this, though.


That reminds me, way back in the 486 and MS Windows 3.1 era, when I 
bought my first computer, it didn't originally have a sound card.  Later, 
I bought one, and it came with a sound effect program that could be 
configured to play a sound for various events.

I had the "bright" idea of recording all the letters and numbers using 
the mic, and setting the corresponding recording for each one.

BUT!  THAT WAS A 486SX, 25 MHz! (With a grand total of 4 MB of RAM and 
130 MB of hard drive!)

I *VERY* *QUICKLY* realized THAT wasn't going to work, as the letters 
were playing about 10 characters behind where I was **TRYING** to type, 
and then only playing about every third to fifth one, with random delay 
between, depending on what else the computer might have been trying to 
do!  If I'd actually been able to do it without messing up (say I plugged 
in the headphones and let someone else listen and watch, so I couldn't 
hear them), it would have probably been at least 20-30 characters 
behind.  But it never got that far...

You think latency is bad your way, just a tick and with a modern 
computer, consider trying it ith a 25 MHz 486SX... saying the actual 
letters... in your own voice.. and only getting every 2nd to 5th letter 
more or less at random!

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