Link (impossibly generic systemsettings and system monitor): GNOME & KDE Developers Go To Battle Over A Name

John Woodhouse a_johnlonger at
Mon Jul 25 17:43:28 BST 2011

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I have found that having all apps named via a K at the start infuriating in the past. Also that the name often doesn't have any bearing on the function of the app. In some cases this may be due to language and as most software uses an English language naming convention I can understand why people might like that.

System Settings - In my view this is probably the messiest aspect of kde4. I can understand why people might feel that it isn't really system settings but in some respects some of it is. As to K's ;-) I didn't have any problem with Kcontrol really and in real terms there is no reason why it shouldn't still be called that but in my view a more apt title would be Settings. That can grow without problem and bears no relationship to control panel or the like. Not that I hate windoze and everything to do with it.

Once in it as it stands I have to wonder. Account details for instance, surely that should be admin. Then there is "Common Appearance and Behaviour" against "Workspace Appearance and Behaviour".  Both sound vaguely similar to me - Desktop Settings. And then there is File Associations, now just where should that be.

To me the whole thing needs breaking down to further levels to allow people to get to what ever they are after. Eg The 2 I mentioned might come under Desktop, we know we are in settings so there is no need for anything else. Desktop can then be broken down further. Other top level names might be Admin, Network, and yes even System to cover things like launches at start up, back ground searches, associations etc. Software is likely to be another candidate as well but many regard KDE's attempts at that with disdain. I have already had problems with it so have others. It's best left to the distro's really and they should maintain it,


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