Link (impossibly generic systemsettings and system monitor): GNOME & KDE Developers Go To Battle Over A Name

Felix Miata mrmazda at
Sun Jul 24 10:35:40 BST 2011

On 2011/07/24 08:45 (GMT+0100) Peter Nikolic composed:

> WHat was wrong with the old " Personal Settings "  name  as in KDE 3.x.x  i

Personal Settings was not a KDE moniker, but one used by openSUSE and maybe 
some other distros.

> could never understand the need for change except to pre-empt this exact
> problem, After all  the settings in question are for the individual user so if
> user 1 logs out and user 2 logs in user2 may want/need different  stiings hence
> thay are not System but on a Per user basis

Not that there's any justification for what Gnome devs did, but what _was_ 
wrong with KControl? KControl still makes more sense to me, as it doesn't 
imply global settings management, as opposed to user-specific settings 
management, which is most of what they do.
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