KDEPIM 4.6 prob^Wimpressions

Alex Schuster wonko at wonkology.org
Wed Jul 20 16:04:37 BST 2011

Anne Wilson writes:

> On Wednesday, July 20, 2011 03:05:29 AM Duncan wrote:
> > > I thought there were some extensions to make [firefox feeds] work
> > > better. But then Firefox is the wrong application maybe,
> > 
> > I hadn't thought of that.  If I give up on akonadi, I'll have to take
> > a look.
> Have you tried liferea?  I used it when akregator was giving me problems,
> and it's quite good.

Just tried it, and you're right! Feels quite similar to Akregator, and has 
no problems with web sites.

I found one drawback: It cannot download some images from KDE-Look, the 
background menu only allows to zoom in or out. Dragging the image into a 
Dolphin window works though.

It's the same with Akregator and Webkit (there I don't even have the menu), 
but when I start to drag the image and stop, it looks like it is being 
displayed with KHTML instead of Webkit now, and I get a context menu that 
allows saving.

A little while ago I would have switched to Liferea at once, but since I 
found out how to use Akregator with Webkit and since it saves the session 
(it crashes multiple times per day), it is well usable.

For the moment, I have the Liferea window grouped to the Kontact window, and 
will play with both this and Akregator. Thanks for the tip,

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