Okular does not print

John Layt jlayt at kde.org
Sun Jul 17 17:44:29 BST 2011

On Saturday 16 July 2011 21:54:32 gene heskett wrote:
> Hijacking a thread here, but it sure needs help.  When okular is set to
> auto-scale, it sends to a US letter printer about 9" wide, so the right
> hand inch is missing. Whomever decided it should be FF's default pdf reader
> needs a very close examination of their thinker.  Adobe reader Just
> Works(TM).

Calling into question the sanity of the people involved is not a good way to 
convice them to fix problems :-)

Personally I have absolutely no problems here printing various page sizes to 
an A4 paper size printer (other than the occasional Landscape/Portrait 
confusion).  I spent weeks testing the printing code, wasted two reams of 
paper doing so, and it works for my setup, but sadly I can't afford to own 
every printer, try every paper size, test every combination of libraries, or 
have every possible source document to test.

Do you have a bug report for this?  I'm not sure I understand what the bug 
exactly is.  What do you mean by auto-scale, I don't see that option anywhere 
in Okular or the print dialog?  What page size is the PDF you're printing?  
What software created the PDF (Acrobat Distiller docs look best in Acrobat 
Reader, unsurprisingly)?  What are the settings for paper size in the print 
dialog?  What printer do you have and what drivers does it use?  What version 
of Cups do you have?  What are the Cups settings for the printer for paper 
size and resizing?  What version of Poppler do you have?  What version of Qt 
do you have (it had bugs with paper sizes that were fixed recently)?  There's 
so many variables in the PDF production, rendering and printing stacks you 
can't always say that it is Okulars fault, it may be some unique combination 
of any or all of the above.

Can you try running Okular from the command line and see what the print 
command output is?

> What I was pointing out was that even xpdf in
> its final versions did a much better job than okular.

Really?  I just reinstalled xpdf to remind myself of how bad it was, the print 
dialog even requires you to type in the print command!  It makes it hard to 
take the rest of what you say seriously :-)

You do realise that Okular doesn't do the PDF rendering or printing itself, 
it's just a gui shell around Poppler which is (shock horror) a fork of xpdf?  
In fact, I see that there's even now a version of the xpdf gui that uses 
Poppler as its backend.

Do you really think we would ship Okular and the distros would set it as the 
default PDF viewer if it was as broken as you describe?

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