KDEPIM 4.6 prob^Wimpressions

Alex Schuster wonko at wonkology.org
Wed Jul 13 13:22:43 BST 2011

I wrote:

> And then I logged out, mainly because kwin was using 500M of memory, and
> usually weird things start happening then.
> When logging in, KDE did not come up. The splash screen stayed for
> longer than normal, then the screen went black, and stayed like this.
> Going black is normal, KDE takes about three minutes here until
> everything is started (plasma-desktop is using all the CPU during this
> time), but now it never finishes. I let it run for a couple of hours
> this night, then I killed plasma-desktop, and finally the desktop came
> up. I started plasma-desktop in a Konsole, but it still only eats CPU
> time.
> Time for testing with other users, old configs, bisecting... again.
> And about KMail... it does not show _any_ mail any more. In the folder
> view, I see folders with unread messages, but those were still unread
> when I logged out of KDE. It does not scan for new mails. An when I
> select any folder, it does not show the contents, it just says it's
> fetching the contents, and I should wait.
> This is a bad morning. No Plasma (meaning also no panel, no system
> tray), no KMail. And Thunderbird has a weird problem, it does not check
> folders for new mails. I should do some work, but I guess I will spend
> some time making my desktop work again. <sigh>

And then I simply copied back my .kde4/share/config directory I had backed 
up before yesterday evening's Akonadi changes, and suddenly ALL IS WORKING! 
Plasma is starting again, KMail shows my mails, and I can even send mails 

Okay, I still get the 'Could not create collection' notification. And one 
KMail folder just got me this notification:
  <server>: Saving failed, server replied: A001605 BAD Invalid system flag

In the Akonadi settings, I can choose between Mysql and PostgreSQL, neither 
is set (it was set to Mysql before). Below, I see no longer the path tho the 
mysql binary, but settings for an external PostgreSQL server.

I'm glad things started working again, I have a usable desktop, and I can 
see and send mails. Now I will check for the Trash, and maybe delete and re-
create some resources. Time for another backup before I do this.


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