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Eric egriffith92 at
Mon Jul 11 18:42:21 BST 2011

>>  Sabayon was one that I haven't tried out TOO Much, I used it a little
>> bit, and I  actually considered using it as a quick way to install
>> Gentoo and then just recompile via an emerge world, and then I found
>> that lately The Sabayon dev's have changed enough stuff that depending
>> on your amount of luck, going from Sabayon to Gentoo in the same
>> install, can take as much time as just installing stock Gentoo.
> I wasn't aware of that.  Then again, some of it may be down to
> familiarity with gentoo, too.  If you're already a strong gentooer (as I
> am) and simply decide to use sabayon for a fast bring-up, then switch to
> gentoo packages as they update, it might be far easier than trying to
> effectively learn both (including the USE flags which gave you so much
> trouble) at the same time.  But the compatibility could well continue to
> slip, much as it did with Mandrake vs Red Hat, the former originating as
> basically a KDE-based Red Hat "spin", as is I guess the popular term
> today.  When I switched from MS Windows to mandrake back around 2001,
> they were even then two distinct distros tho still close enough that one
> could often use rawhide packages as mandrake updates if one wished, but
> by the time they digested connectiva and became mandriva (by which time I
> had already switched to gentoo so was following events at a bit more
> distance), I guess it was becoming more difficult to intermingle
> packages, and even when I started, switching to one from the other
> wouldn't have been as simple as sticking with an upgrade of the one you
> were on.
 Yeah Sabayon has been using the unstable branch of Gentoo for awhile,
as well as changing the way USE flags, masked packages and one other
key file (I think the file that lists all of your packages) are
handled. They also used Baselayout 2.0, which is SOOOO Much nicer
(along with Arch and i think FreeBSD) for awhile now. Last time I
checked Gentoo still used the last 1.x of Baselayout.

 I asked on the gentoo forums and the sabayon forums what it would
take to move from Sabayon to stock-Gentoo, figuring it would just take
a remove of the Sabayon overlay and an emerge world, but the response
on both sides said that with Sab on Baselayout 2.0 and the unstable
branch, the changes in packages would probably be too far apart for it
to be worth it. (Though, sidenote: Sabayon to Gentoo-unstable could be
possible with a lot of tweaking.

I'm actually looking at Arch again, spent a few hours last night
re-roaming the wikis, looking up a few tips and tricks, and re-read
the entire wireless and and wpa_supp articles over again, I think I
actually found what I was doing wrong last time so I might give it
another try when I get back home and I have a better (Faster) network
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