A beginning programmer

Steven Friedrich FreeBSD at insightbb.com
Mon Jul 11 00:18:27 BST 2011

Sorry, I just can't stop thinking of other ideas... 8o)

Since you mentioned Python, under Linux and BSDs, with KDE we had something 
called Superkaramba that allowed little apps on our desktops, but it has been 
taken over and expanded by the KDE team.  It is now called Plasma widgets and 
you can see many of them if you install KDE, because there are already many 
already freely available and easy to install.  An example is a weather 
forecast widget that shows you the current temperature, the next five days, 
etc.  There is also several verions of Sticky Notes, similiar to 3M Post-It 
Notes.  Too cool.

You can learn how to create plasma apps easily, because they have tutorials on 
the KDE web site.

All for FREE.  8o)
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