Can I build the latest version of KDE on Redhat 6?

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Wed Jul 6 11:44:12 BST 2011

Mark London posted on Tue, 05 Jul 2011 20:22:42 -0400 as excerpted:

> Is it possible to build the latest version of KDE on Redhat 6, using the
> KDE sources?  I started to do so, and then saw it needed the latest
> version of QT, so I would have to build that also.  Thanks. - Mark

Check the threads started by David Doria on June 17, "Building kdelibs", 
then later "Building DBusMenu-Qt", and then on the 21sth, "PKG_CONFIG_PATH 

He's on RHEL 5.6, and only needed kdelibs and then parts of kdedevel 
(IIRC), not all of kde.  However, if he can get it building on 5.6, 
surely you can on 6.x, and once kdelibs is built, I believe you've solved 
most of the hardest dependencies already.

Yes, you'll need to build Qt too.  He needed to build a lot more, but you 
will probably already have the minimum required versions of some of the 
stuff he built so won't have to, since you're on 6 and he was on 5.6.  
But even with qt built he ran into a lot of problems with missing 
packages and the like that Kevin and I helped him work thru, and his 
persistence apparently paid off eventually.  Reading thru those threads 
should give you a preview of what lies ahead if you try that route, tho 
as I said you're on 6 so it won't be /quite/ so bad.

I know the list archives are available on (as 
gmane.comp.kde.general) as I do this list thru their list2news server, 
but they have it in web form as well.  I believe kde has the official 
list web archives, of course, and I think there are a couple other sites 
that have them too.  So you should be able to find those threads one one 
or the other web archives even if you just joined the list and therefore 
don't have back that far, yourself.

Alternatively, you may be able to get many of the packages you need as 
prebuilt rpms from  (FWIW, I'm on Gentoo now, but used 
rpmfind quite regularly years ago when I was on Mandrake.)  Probably 
Fedora rpms will be closest to RHEL, and if they need other things 
updated too, you should be able to pull the fedora rpms for those things 

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