Kmix KDE4.6 Pulseaudio

Peter Nikolic p.nikolic1 at
Tue Feb 15 08:24:01 GMT 2011

Hi .

I have been looking at opensuse 11.4 RC1  with KDE 4.6  now i am not sure 
where the correct place for this is but here goes .

OS11.4rc1 install seems to default to pulseaudio (pa) which if it works is 
fine apart from with pa running Kmix adopts a dire personality where each 
slider id it it's own Tab  .

Question is how can i revert Kmix back to the old sensible method  but keep 
with pa i have tried binning /home/user/.kde4/config/kmix*   that just stops 
kmix  until i log out and back in again when we are back in the same 
disgusting boat of one slider oer tab  dont like it dont appreaciate it  find 
it very clunky to use all in all hard work for something that should be simple 

Pete .

PS sig is not from the machine in question before everyone get upperty

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