Cannot configure processor speed in KDE 4.6

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Sun Feb 13 22:13:36 GMT 2011

Dotan Cohen posted on Sun, 13 Feb 2011 21:36:49 +0200 as excerpted:

> Then disconnect the lid switch. I did that to my laptop within the first
> month of owning it, as Fedora at the time had problems with configuring
> it properly. On my Dell is was just a screwdriver-as-a-prybar job to
> lift the plastic above the keyboard, and the connector was right there.

Ouch!  I /did/ want the lid switch to control the display, tho, both to 
save battery and because of the extra heat.  And it was easy enough to 
find the acpi config in /etc/ and modify the command appropriately.  But I 
didn't have the GUI trying to override that, either.  If I had, you can be 
sure I'd have overridden the GUI, deleting a file if I had to.  
Fortunately, Gentoo's policy is to allow the user (a gentoo user being the 
sysadmin on a gentoo machine, they don't apologize for expecting their 
users to be able to configure things, and generally make no bones about 
the fact that if you want hand-held beyond appropriate documentation and a 
basic working as installed config where possible, perhaps another 
distribution is more appropriate for you than gentoo) to control optional 
dependencies, etc, at build and install-time (thus gentoo's source-based 
not bin-based policy as well), so that sort of element is likely to be 
controlled by USE flags at build/install, and a Gentoo user likely won't 
have to worry about Gnome pulling that fast one on them, unless of course 
they want it that way.  And if gnome makes it a non-optional depend, or 
more likely, links it to polkit and similar functionality that many users 
want, well, disabling it may well end up in gentoo's gnome3 upgrade guide, 
by the time it rolls out stable (which takes awhile), and in a gentoo/
gnome dev's blog for ~arch/testing.  (Yes, I know gnome3 is out, but don't 
have it installed nor will I, thus the still-speculative tone of the 

I'll comment on the topic bit of the thread in another post.

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