Cannot configure processor speed in KDE 4.6

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Fri Feb 11 14:34:21 GMT 2011

Thanks, Duncan, I've certainly "bisected" ~/.kde enough times to know
that the setting is most likely in ~/.kde/share/config. I've even
narrowed it down to powerdevilprofilesrc I think. But I want to be
sure that there is in fact no way to configure this the right way
before I start surgery. I support quite a few users and I've learned
that solving an issue the right way the first time makes me appear
much more professional the next time.

In any case, since when is KDE for "users"? Ever since KDE 4.0 was
released the attitude is that KDE is not intended for u"users" so I
don't understand what this sudden outburst of "remove an option in the
user's interest" is, especially as it leaves users stuck.

Dotan Cohen
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