knetworkmanager is not saving vpn passwords

Farhad Hedayati-Fard hf.farhad at
Sat Feb 12 11:43:30 GMT 2011

I'm using kde 4.6 on gentoo linux. the problem is that knetworkmanager is not 
saving my vpn password (pptp). I tried removing kwallet and knetworkmanager 
config files from ~/.kde4/ , but it didn't make any difference! another problem 
with knetworkmanager is that I can't configure it to save passwords as plain 
text (unencrypted) or make it do not save passwords and always ask! no matter 
what option I choose , It will go back on encrypted password saving mode!

my main problem is knetworkmanager not saving vpn passwords and I really need 
to use that! (Living in Iran means you need to use vpn/proxies to access free 

Thanks in advance
Farhad Hedayati-Fard
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