How to set the KDE path?

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Mon Feb 7 15:48:36 GMT 2011

On Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 15:32, Kevin Krammer <kevin.krammer at> wrote:
> When a process is created, it gets the current environment of its parent
> process (well, the parent can pass a modified env if it chooses to).
> The process itself then reads the environment through system API, e.g.
> getenv()
> So if you run any program from within an interactive shell, it basically sees
> the environment of the shell at that point. If the shell's environment is
> altered afterwards, this will have no effect on the already running process.
> So the environment for KDE base processes is the one which they are started
> in.
> In case of a KDE workspace session, this is the environment which is present
> inside the startkde script. Which in turn is also running with the environment
> which was valid at its start.
> Now the script's code or the interpreter running the script can alter this
> environment and any process started after such a change sees the new one
> (remember any process started before a change sees the old one).
> The KDE environment extender mechanism uses that by having the startkde script
> source (include into itself) all files with extension .sh in any of its "env"
> directories.

Then I wonder why it's not working for me. I'll triple check everything.

>> For
>> instance, the path that the Krunner dialogue looks for apps?
> A combination of paths in $PATH and KDE specific "non-interactive-binaries"
> paths.
> See kde4-config --path exec

There is nothing but a blank line there, maybe that is the issue:
✈ganymede:~$ kde4-config --path exec


>> And why
>> isn't this configurable in System Settings?
> Maybe to avoid misunderstanding when such a change only effects KDE programs
> an no non-KDE programs.

There are lots of things in System Settings that only affect KDE, I
filed an issue on this long ago:

> You could try a wish list item on for making the KDE specific
> search list configurable.

I did, Aaron refuses it on the grounds that ~/.kde/env is available:

I don't understand why Aaron feels that editing config files by hand
is sufficient, but it has been long established that KDE is for
developers, not end users, so I understand that.

>> >> > For KDE one can additional use KDE's environment extender mechanims,
>> >> > i.e. putting a file (with .sh extension) into $HOME/.kde/env
>> >>
>> >> Do you know the syntax? It is not the bash syntax. Thanks.
>> >
>> > Somthing like this:
>> >
>> > export PATH=$HOME/.bin:$PATH
>> Thanks, but that has no effect in, for instance $HOME/.kde/env/
>> which has been chmodded +x and the system restart.
> That should have worked. I've used that myself several times. The files in
> there are just read, so executable shouldn't be necessary either.
> Check that your setup is actually using $HOME/.kde/ some distributions patched
> KDE to make it something different.

No, it is ~/.kde. I have changed lots of things in there.

> See kde4-config --localprefix

✈ganymede:~$ kde4-config --localprefix

Thanks for the patience!

Dotan Cohen
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