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Alex Schuster wonko at
Fri Dec 23 18:14:01 GMT 2011

LĂ­vio Cipriano writes:

> I'm using OpenSuSE 11.4 with KDE 4.6 and my Nepomuk Controller
> indicates that Strigi is indexing a directory with 10 pdf and chm
> files, the bigger is a pdf with 23 Mb and the smallest is  also a pdf
> with 2.7 Mb. This operation is going for MORE THEN 12 HOURS NON STOP
> and Nepomuk uses constantly 90% of CPU time.
> I know this is a bug, but is there any way to contour it and
> continuing to using Nepomuk?

I had similar problems, Strigi crashed when indexing some specific
files, and the whole indexing process started again.

My first 'solution' was to disable Nepomuk in systemsettings, and wait
until someone fixes this problem. Well, this did not happen.

The second solution was to find the specific fils that made Strigi
crash, and report a bug at [1], attaching the file. The next day, the
bug had been fixed. I had the same problem with yet another file,
reported again, and again, it had been fixed very soon.

Using Gentoo Linux, it was simple to install the current developer's
version of Strigi. With openSUSE it's not that easy. You could uninstall
Strigi and compile and install it yourself I guess. Or wait for an
update for openSUSE.

Oh, and I nearly forgot the simplest workaround: Open systemsettings,
desktop search, 2nd tab, and select the directories you want to have


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