Error starting kde4 after upgrade from OpenSuse 11.4 to 12.1

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Wed Dec 7 16:04:11 GMT 2011

Przemek Czarnowski posted on Wed, 07 Dec 2011 15:16:32 +0100 as excerpted:

> startkde: Starting up...
> kdeinit4_wrapper: Warning:
> connect(/home/intel/.kde4/socket-linux/kdeinit4__0) failed: : Connection
> refused /usr/bin/startkde: line 364:  3572 Segmentation fault     
> kwrapper4 ksmserver $KDEWM startkde: Shutting down...
> kdeinit4_wrapper: Warning:
> connect(/home/intel/.kde4/socket-linux/kdeinit4__0) failed: : Connection
> refused Error: Can not contact kdeinit4!
> startkde: Running shutdown scripts...
> startkde: Done.
> Anybody knows what could be the reason for this "Connection refused"
> message? I suppose it is a root cause for following segfault...

FWIW, it helps if you mention the kde4 version.  Would you be able to 
tell what version of kde matches some random distro and distro version 
other than those you happen to run?

Meanwhile, /home/intel/... you're logging in as user "intel"?  Nothing 
wrong with that I suppose, but that's rather more commonly known as a 
famous computer company than as a username, and if you're /not/ logging 
in as that username but you /are/ getting an error with that path, it 
could explain kde's problem, tho of course leaving the question of where 
on earth that path is coming from.  But assuming that is indeed your 
chosen username...

What sort of graphics hardware, xorg, mesa, kernel and drivers are you 
running?  Here, running a Radeon hd4650, if I try to run mesa's gallium 
drivers (r600g) and have kde effects turned on, everything locks up solid 
(as in, no magic-sysrequest keys, not even alt-srq-b/reboot, so the 
kernel is totally hosed) when kwin tries to start.  If I set mesa classic 
drivers (r600), everything works fine.  If I try the gallium driver with 
effects turned off (turned off under the classic driver, then set 
gallium, then restart x and kde), it works, and glxgears will run, but of 
course kde isn't so nice and pretty, 

Since the gallium drivers are mesa's default, now, that's a bad 
situation.  But the gallium drivers have never worked for me, ever, 
possibly due to the fact that I'm still running AGP graphics, not the 
newer PCIE, and the AGP/PCIE bridge chips sometimes have problems.

You're not getting a full lockup, but rather an abort, so your situation 
isn't as bad.  But it very well could be due to the new mesa gallium 
defaults, if you're running a Radeon based system and not running the 
servantware driver.

Meanwhile, there's a SuSE using regular here who may be able to help 
better than I can, as I'm on Gentoo, not SuSE.  Hopefully he'll be along 

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