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Thu Aug 25 07:25:50 BST 2011

Duncan posted on Wed, 24 Aug 2011 17:39:42 +0000 as excerpted:

>> I just tried the Present Windows function that I think you refer to
>> when you mention Expose, I like it but cannot figure out how to disable
>> the upper-left corner hotspot. My clock is there and I do take the
>> mouse pointer over there to access my calendar. It is not in the
>> Desktop Effects settings, not in the Keyboard settings, not in
>> Shortcuts and Gestures settings... where else should I look?
> Note to self, followup on this after work. =:^)

OK, the followup.  Once I point it out, you'll very likely be saying to 
yourself "Of course!  *NOW* it's obvious!"  =:^)  

FWIW I know this works as I've disabled the hotspot here.  I have two 
monitors and a trackball set to 13/5 accel to cover it in a single stroke 
if I want to, and thus rely on the edges and corners to stop me, so they 
can't be triggering things or I get frustrated!  So I use the hotkey 
trigger only, no edge or corner triggers at all (save for a very small 
auto-hide panel at the bottom left, containing just two menu icon 
plasmoids, kickoff, and classic set to bookmarks-only).

OK, to configure hotspots, both edges and corners, kde settings, 
workspace appearance and behavior, workspace behavior, screen edges.  
Click on a corner or edge button in the screen representation, and set 
your choice, top left button, no action, in this case. =:^)

I /told/ you you'd be saying "Screen edges!  Of course!  *NOW* it's 
obvious!" =:^)

FWIW2, pretty much all my kwin-related hotkeys are winkey-something 
combos.  In this case, it's win-g, for desktop grid.  WAY easier to 
remember win-g for desktop/window grid, than whatever the default is, for 
sure!  So it's easy enough to activate, but unlike the hotcorner, /this/ 
trigger only activates when I want it to, not accidentally, when I'm 
trying to fiddle with something in the systray, which I have configured 
to an always-visible panel in the top-left corner.

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